Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

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This video tutorial shows how to integrate Duo multi-factor authentication to the Palo Alto Networks v8.0+ firewall in an authentication policy for the purposes of Captive Portal or an authentication step-up.


D is for Duo, a company that specializes in trusted access with SSO (Single Sign On) and MFA (Multi Factor Authentication).


In today's video tutorial, Mitch Densley will be talking about Duo MFA.


Some of the topics that Mitch will be covering in this Video Tutorial:

  • Create & Enroll user in Duo portal
  • Importing Duo certificates into the firewall
  • Create Captive Portal (CP) Certificate
  • Create Certificate profile with Duo certificates
  • Add Duo MFA
  • User-ID setup captive portal
  • Create Authentication object
  • Setup Authentication policy



Thanks for watching.


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