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Today we are going to be telling you about the new Cloud Managed Prisma Access that has just been released.


When you use the Prisma Access app on hub, you will now have the ability to roll out and manage Prisma Access with Cloud Managed option.


There are many benefits when you use the new Cloud Managed Prisma Access, but let me show you some of the benefits:


Please allow me to list out all of the new features that have been introduced with this version: 



Easy Onboarding
Onboard mobile users, remote network sites, and your HQ and data center sites to Prisma Access in just a few steps with a new, streamlined UI.
For example, onboard mobile users to a Prisma Access location in three steps:


  1. Add your portal hostname
  2. Choose Prisma Access locations
  3. Set up user authentication (test your setup with local users)
Speedy Activation
A guided workflow steers you through Prisma Access license activation on the hub.
Context-Sensitive Help with Tips to Get Started
Help topics share the benefits a feature can provide to you, with quick steps to get started. Just click the help icon on the menu bar.
Prisma Access Insights
Continuously monitor the health and performance of your Prisma Access environment with the new Insights app. Visually scan and interact with a variety of Insights dashboards to get status on your mobile users, remote network sites, service connections to your HQ and data centers, and the Prisma Access cloud infrastructure.
When Insights detects an issue in your environment, the app generates an alert that gives you context and lets you know where to take action. Insights alerts also give you visibility into fixes that the Prisma Access team is addressing.
Insights is available to you as part of a public beta for all Prisma Access users.
GlobalProtect App Customization
Customize how end users interact with the GlobalProtect app that’s installed on their endpoints and send traffic to Prisma Access. Options you can customize include:
  • The method the GlobalProtect app uses to connect to Prisma Access.
  • The GlobalProtect app settings that are available to the user to adjust (for example, disable or upgrade the GlobalProtect app).
  • The host information profile (HIP) data the app collects—you can base policy enforcement on the data the app collects.
GlobalProtect App Split Tunneling
Split tunneling conserves bandwidth by excluding traffic from Prisma Access that is not business critical or does not enable productivity. You can configure split tunnel traffic based on an access route, destination domain, application, and HTTP/HTTPS video streaming application.
Hot Potato Routing
With hot potato routing, Prisma Access hands off traffic as quickly as it can to your organization’s network. Use this routing method if you want your organization’s network to perform the majority of routing decisions.
Traffic Forwarding for Third-Party Security
Instead of sending internet traffic from mobile users and remote networks directly to the internet, you can forward traffic through a service connection to a third-party security stack for further processing before being sent to the internet.


* - Information taken from the Cloud Managed Prisma Access Release Notes techpub page


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More Info

For all of the details from the Release Notes for Cloud Managed Prisma Access, which includes Why, New Features, Browser Support and even Known Issues, please access the release notes here:



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