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New Public Cloud Integration Portal in Live Community


Wanted to take a minute and let you know that we have created the Public Cloud Integration portal to provide centralized access to a rapidly growing list of (GitHub) templates and scripts contributed by both Palo Alto Networks and our community of CEs, partners and users. Resource examples include:


  • Latest Azure ARM templates
  • Ansible and Terraform templates and scripts
  • AWS CloudFormation templates

Screenshot of the Public Cloud Integration page on the Live Community.Screenshot of the Public Cloud Integration page on the Live Community.


Not only does the portal display a rapidly growing list of resources, it also enables users to comment and ask questions. We are looking for contributions from the Live Community and supported by the community to complement our official Palo Alto Networks supported solutions (also listed on the portal).  Check it out and feel free to contribute.


But wait, there’s more! Check out these AWS customer case studies:


Let us hear from you if you're an Azure case study or if you simply want to contribute to the growing body of knowledge available through the portal. That's the power of community on VM Series firewalls with Azure and AWS!


Thanks for reading,

Stay Secure,

Joe Delio






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Hi Joe,


I was having a look at PaloAlto deployment as VM Firewall serial on Azure environment and had some queries with regards to User Defined Networking between subnets. New to Paloalto deployment. Are you able to help with queries?


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@sougata, thanks for posting this question. 

Neither TAC or our group helps with questions about this. 


All support is performed under the discussion area here:


Please feel free to post and there are people who will be able to help.

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