Prisma Cloud Compute Edition (previously TwistLock)

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Prisma Cloud Compute Edition (previously TwistLock).Prisma Cloud Compute Edition (previously TwistLock).


What is Prisma Cloud Compute Edition?


Prisma Cloud Compute Edition enables you to protect your cloud native assets anywhere they operate—regardless of whether you’re running containers, serverless functions, non-container hosts, or any combination of them regardless of where it's running—in the public cloud or private cloud environment.


It provides flexible deployment options to protect your workloads and applications wherever you choose to deploy them. Defenders (agents deployed within your environments) protect standalone virtual machines, Docker containers, Kubernetes clusters, CaaS, PaaS apps on Pivotal Application Service, and serverless applications. Defenders protect by whitelisting application behavior and preventing anomalous actions from occurring. Defense-in-depth combines core cloud-native firewalling with runtime defense to protect east-west traffic flows and leverage machine learning for known application behavior.


There's more! Prisma Cloud Compute Edition also provides vulnerability management and compliance for the full software lifecycle by integrating with any CI process, Docker registry, code repository, or any production environment to continuously monitor risk with powerful risk factors and prioritization. Enterprise-grade access control capabilities govern all cloud resources across compute infrastructure, secrets, Kubernetes audits, and IAM tooling.


Aside from being a self-hosted option delivered via a container image, Prisma Cloud Compute Edition customers deploy and manage themselves in any environment—whether public, private, or hybrid cloud—including entirely air-gapped environments. For more information on the SaaS deployment model, please reference the Prisma Cloud At-a-Glance.



User Interface for Prisma Cloud Compute Edition.User Interface for Prisma Cloud Compute Edition.




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