Pulling reports using the XML API

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Cyber Elite
Cyber Elite

Network and security admins usually spend their days putting out fires and fixing problems. Scripts and automated tasks are our little helpers that ensure that at the end of the day, we managed to clear the important tasks even though we were interrupted 5 thousand times because 'the firewall broke something' again.


Jobs need to be run, backups need to be taken and reports need to be created.


In this video tutorial, Jason Yates from the Global Enablement Team shows you how to access the API interface, which options are available, how the XML API works and how to leverage the API to fetch reports.



Some key commands and pointers:


  • Create a separate admin account for the API access with an appropriately restrictive admin role
  • Generate an API key
  • Add the key to the GET command


Why not make your life a little easier? Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question in the comments below.


Reaper out!

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