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Threat Vector, a Unit 42 podcast, now has a home on LIVEcommunity! Threat Vector, which launched last summer, is a biweekly podcast that deploys comprehensive cybersecurity insights for business leaders.


Threat Vector covers unique threat intelligence, cutting-edge techniques, and real-world case studies. In each episode, you'll hear engaging discussions and expert interviews — with Unit 42’s threat intelligence experts, incident responders, proactive security consultants, and other industry luminaries — that equip you with the knowledge and insight to proactively prepare and stay ahead in the ever-evolving threat landscape.


Listen to the latest episode now: Public Meets Private: Forging the Future of Cyber Defense. You can find the Threat Vector page under the Podcasts drop-down in the navigation bar. Be sure to subscribe to the page to be alerted when new episodes are published on LIVE!


Please let us know what you think of the episode, share which topics you’d like to see covered in the future, and interact with the episode hosts in the comments section.


Community Manager
Community Manager

We are so very excited to be able to share this important podcast with all of our members here on LIVEcommunity!  We encourage you to carve out a bit of time to listen to this episode!  Have any feedback?  Key take-aways?  Please share in the comments here!

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so excited to this news.

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