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Welcome to the Endpoint discussion forum! We encourage you to ask questions, propose solutions, and collaborate on ideas to better secure your endpoints with Traps.


Traps Endpoint Group Management

I am trying to figure out if it is possible to sort the End Point Groups alphabetically. I am able to make good use of the groups as all our locations have different subnets and unique naming schemes, but we have over 100 different locations so click...

Resolved! Reseting password

Hi, I plan to reset traps local admin password on the server which ESM is installed.What do i need to take care ?Is there a reference somewhere to that password in ESM ?Is it safe to reset it ? Thanks.

AD With Traps

Hi All, Does TRAPS work without active directory sync? Example, the client don't have an active directory but want to use a TRAPS as their Next Gen AV.

Linux Endpoints not showing up on dashboard

I rolled out Traps TMS agents for some Windows and Linux endpoints. The Windows agent is working fine. I can't see any Linux agent on the dashboard. However, using the cytool utility to run some commands on the Linux endpoint doesn't show any obvious...

Bocsa by L3 Networker
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Dropbox Smart Sync and Traps

Traps 6.1.3 or content 86 or Dropbox 87.3. Or combination causes problem with files which are in status online in Smart Sync. Locally synced files work fine, just when I open any file (excel, picture, etc...) , it halts Dropbox. Cannot open file, can...

Exception for script

We have a legitime application which is running a script. This script and the chain is detected by traps as threat. So we would like to configure an exception for this cmd.exe --> cscript //E:JScript //nologo "C:\ProgramData\signature\sign.bat" So it...

BigPalo by L4 Transporter
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ESM server DMZ disconnected

Hi Community, We are having a problem on one of our ESM server that is for the machines that are connected using DMZ domain.And also as you can see in the screenshot. would you experience this? 1. Disconnected ESM server 0032. redundant ESM 004 Hopin...



I would like to know if 2FA is available to protect logons to any of the cloud services, specifically TMS, Cortex XDR, etc. I have 2FA enabled on my account I used to logon to the support site, which is the same account used to logon to the cloud sit...

hhiggins by L2 Linker
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