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This forum was established for Palo Alto Networks partners and customers to collaborate on topics related to integration on the Palo Alto Networks products.

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VM-serries firewall for aws ECS cluster

How I can deploy VM-series Auto scaling for ECS cluster.

I already have ECS cluster, vpc, subnets on aws and subscription of VM-Series Next-Generation Firewall Bundle 2 on aws market place. I need to configure VM-series firewall.
Could any one help me


Palo Altp - Cisco WLC Anchor - Foriegn



Created a new zone on PA ether1/5 configured all interfaces.  Installed a Cisco 5520 WLC as and Anchor WLC and setup piolices to allow the Capwap tunnnel to the Foreign WLC.

This was a 1 legged approach, WLC in LAG

This worked, tunnel is up and stay


Scooby by L0 Member
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SDP Issues with VOIP deployment

Hi There,


We have a hosted mitel voice solution that we are seeing call quality issues in the inbound direction, ie calls in. I am attempting to troubleshoot this with our provider and they are seeing SDP attributes being added from our firewall.




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