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Disk space again

L4 Transporter

I have gone back and forth on disk space with tac and with the live community. I had tac clean up the log files before and that didn't gain me much. I am trying to prepare for an upgrade to OS 8.x this summer and I want to make sure I do not run out of diskspace and also not break anything trying to do some clean up

I guess I want to know if these need to be cleaned up and verify what they are


/dev/md6 3.8G 3.2G 454M 88% /opt/panrepo - PAN-OS Image repository (are these files that are located device]software)? Do the old OS's need to be deleted? I asked tac once before and they said no and then I asked at another date and they said yes - so I am confused.


/dev/md5 7.6G 3.3G 4.0G 46% /opt/pancfg - PAn-OS configuration is this the device config files and do they affect

Who Me Too'd this topic