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3CX PBX behind a PAN-500

L1 Bithead

After about a week of trial and error, the Palo Alto Network engineers have told me that my PAN-500 does not support the 3CX phone system. I am told that a future feature request will resolve flow based NAT issue I am having with STUN traffic. Unfortunately, I have already bought the server and all new IP phones and the changeover is 2 weeks away.


After searching several technical sites for answer, including PAN and 3CX community sites, I can see references to other issues with IP phones, 3CX and PAN, so it seems like this setup is working somewhere. Does anyone have 3CX working behind a PAN firewall? Would you be willing to share rules / setup? Even if your setup is a work around, I might be able to limp along while Palo Alto works on feature request 3214, which is supposed to fix the problem.


Thanks, Jim


Who Me Too'd this topic