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Globalprotect Smart Card configuration

L1 Bithead

So my company is working to setup a new PKI infrastructure with smart card logins for the users. I have looked at all the 2FA and associated articles about setting up the VPN but it leaves a lot to the imagination. I followed the steps creating the certificate profile and assigning it to the portal and gateway. But when i test it the issue i arrive at is the initial login to the vpn. If i were to sign into the workstation with my smart card and was already signed into the VPN it may or may not prompt for my pin. If i go into the menu and logout if the VPN it prompts for username and password. 

This could either be a failure on my configuration or a simple lack of understanding on my part. Is an initial login required and then never used again so long as you dont logout? Did i configure things incorrectly and it should login automatically? For reference we are attempting to swap from the existiny LDAP setup that uses the users login credentials to also login to the VPN. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Who Me Too'd this topic