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Traffic Thourhg the intended Security Rule

L1 Bithead



I have configured a new Security Rule on top (#9 in the picture down) to Block traffic intended to a Custom URL configured in the profile  Block_Files


  • Source Zone:                     any
  • Source Address:              any
  • Destination Zone:            any
  • Destination Address:      any



  • Source Zone:                   Trust
  • Source Address:    
  • Destination Zone:            Internet
  • Destination Address:      any




But the problem when I try to connect to the Custom URL defined in  Block_Files  the request goes through the next Security Rule set for, i.e., although the traffic or URL is matching the Custom URL defined in Block_Files, but it does not go through nor blocked by the Security Rule on top!!


Is the above Rule valid/correct


Thank you ...


Who Me Too'd this topic