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Cortex XDR 7.4.1 crashing server

L1 Bithead

After the installation of xdr 7.4.1, our domain controllers began crashing, and even after a reboot they would lock up.  Has anyone had any issues with the 7.4.1 release on Windows Server 2012 R2?


Based on a Windows Dump, Microsoft reported the following:

findings- We have checked high Contention Count threads where we were able to see Palo Alto Networks driver tedrdrv.sys in the stack trace which is getting loaded at the time of issue when hang happened.

Request you to remove it to isolate the issue, and check if the issue is happening or not.


Since then, we have uninstalled 7.4.1 and reinstalled 7.4.0 and the issues went away.  I have created a ticket with Palo Alto to investigate MS claim.


I have searched the forums and net but have not found any issues related to what we are experiencing.  If anyone has had similar issues, please report here.  I will keep this updated with new information as it arises.  Thank you.


Update 7/30:


Palo Alto tech support has confirmed other cases involving AD and DC servers where performance is being affected by agent 7.4.1.  Since this is a newly found bug, we are currently testing a deployed fix that occurred within the past 30 mins via our data cortex tenant.  For those that are having issues, Palo Alto recommends rolling back to the 7.4.0 agent. 


Content update 191-66972 is being tested on our data cortex tenant.


Will keep you posted on future updates.  Thank you.  

Who Me Too'd this topic