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API call to Panorama to get active Firewall and Management IP Address?

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I am working on a Python automation project that will accept a user entering an IP address, then making API calls to Panorama to find the IP in the network.


So far, I'm able to call the Panorama API call to get aggregate interfaces and ethernet interfaces - and build a dictionary of where subnets are - with their site.  Now that I know the subnetwork, I want to call the active firewall at that site, and get the ARP entry for the IP the user entered.


I'd like to know which firewall is active at the site, and the management IP of it, to make a call directly to it, to retrieve the ARP information.

I cannot find where to get the firewall status or the management IP - through the Panorama API.  Is it even available through the API?  Or would I need to use the pan-os-python SDK?

Who Me Too'd this topic