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OSPF ansible configuration

Hi Cheers,

Using ansible-galaxy collection paloaltonetworks.panos:2.9.0 to provision paloalto and configure panorama, we want to add a new feature as to configure ospf within the VR.

I don't find any module in the collection regarding ospf configuratio


szajac by L0 Member
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API Calls override password


I have a network template contains information for SNMP and SNMP trap configuration. This network template is associated with multiple template-stack with appliances assigned to them. I created a PowerShell script which grabs the SNMP and SNMP tra


sanmakai by L0 Member
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API Connectivity to PAN-DB

Hello. I have a customer asking whether API connectivity for automated URL category queries from a different vendor appliance is possible (specifically Swimlane). 


I haven't been able to find much in general on API URL queries, let alone from differe


PANOS Provider crashing if EDLs are used

Hi  


We are using Terraform and using the PANOS Provider 1.10.0 but since we're using EDLs the provider crashes with the following...


If I remove EDLs are try do a terraform plan then it succeeds, is someone able to assist?



Stack trace from the ter


PANOS Terraform Provider - Features?



I am looking to automate the GlobalProtect configuration on a PANOS via the Terraform PANOS provider.


Currently I do not see the ability to do this, can you advise when you will be introducing the functionality


Is there an update schedule f


CSR export via XML API

I am trying to export a CSR via XML API as per this article and as per /debug output that I get when I perform the export via Web UI.


The request I run is as follows:


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