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Search Feature For NGFW Paloalto API

Hello Everyone..I have a project for automation operational firewall NGFW Version 10.1..I read the API documentation & talk to google but nothing.My first question : Can I search specific address with specific ip_netmask value and fqdn value ? I mean...

Resolved! restapi-Adding address to addressgroup

Hi All, First of all I am new to restapi, it is first time working with API and trying to add address to address group.I can creat address and adress group but once I try to update the existing group with new address it will remove the old members.I ...

vpajouhi by L0 Member
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Resolved! Using XML API to query policy post rules

Trying to find the correct syntax for querying Panorama for policy post rules by matching IP address (source or destination IP) using the PanOS XML API. I have looked at:our XML API Browser page (i.e. https:///api),the online docs (https://docs.paloa...

Resolved! Ansible disable firewall rules

Hello All,I have recently started experimenting with Ansible and managed to add/remove some rules. It's been a steep learning curve so far, I must admit.What I am trying to do now is to get Ansible to disable unused firewall rules. As part of the fir...

Resolved! policy rules hit count from API

I am trying to figure out how to get the hit count for rules via the REST API. I used the REST API browser and found that the URI path ishttps://URL-to-Palo/api/?type=op&cmd=&key=. However when I run the comamnd in a rest client (Insomnia or postman)...

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