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L4 Transporter

Hi, @Shashanksinha


Thank you for reaching out on LIVEcommunity!

You have a few questions so I’ll try to answer them individually.  


Is it recommended to upgrade your agents to N-1 or latest version via auto agent upgrade policy?


No, we recommend always being on the latest version of Cortex XDR Agent available. If your organization wishes to have a delayed upgrade schedule you can do as you see fit.  You can have different upgrade policies for different sets of endpoints i.e. Servers and Workstations.


What to do if agent gets corrupted during agent upgradation?


If an agent gets corrupted or does not install properly the Cortex XDR logs will notify you of such.  In that event you’d be able to manually update the agent. If  you experience any issues with uninstallation you can reach out to support.  They have the ability to provide you with an Agent Cleaner if necessary.  


Impact on Operation during Agent upgradation on servers or workstations?


Cortex XDR is a lightweight agent and as such doesn’t consume a lot of resources. My suggestion regarding this concern would be to view the Cortex XDR system requirements for Windows.  By checking this list against the hardware of your endpoints you should have a good idea on the impact during upgrade operations.  Of course the best way to know would be to perform testing on a small group of endpoints in your environment and noting the results.   I highly recommend testing as the way forward to get the best answer to this question as there are so many variables involved.



Rollback Plan feature is available ?incase of failure of agent upgrade.


Currently, there is no rollback feature with Cortex XDR.  If you wanted to downgrade versions you would need to uninstall the agent and create a new installation package with the specific version you want to install.


I hope I answered your questions.  If have any other question we're here to help.  


Have a great day!

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