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L1 Bithead

Hi Akoppad,
It's working now, was able to solve it with the following in my automation : 

# Retrieve the value of specific fields from Demisto
incident = demisto.incidents()[0]
field1 = custom_fields.get('handoversummary')
field2 = custom_fields.get('ongoingactionshandover')
field3 = custom_fields.get('handoveraction')


# Set the value of my_variable
my_variable = f"Handover Summary :\n {field1}\n\n Ongoing actions :\n {field2}\n\n Handover action :\n {field3}"


# Update the War Room with the variable value and custom tag
'Type': entryTypes['note'],
'ContentsFormat': formats['markdown'],
'Contents': '## handover \n\n {}\n'.format(my_variable),
'Tags': ['Handover']

Who rated this post