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Palo Alto Networks and IBM have partnered to deliver advanced security reporting and analytics to the the widely used IBM® QRadar® SIEM. Integrate QRadar seamlessly with the Palo Alto Networks platform to streamline operations and improves security. The Palo Alto Networks app for QRadar enables these capabilities by allowing the security operations team to reduce, prioritize, and correlate Palo Alto Networks events using the QRadar dashboard, and leverage offenses and offense workflows created automatically, enabling rapid response to the most critical threats from a single dashboard.


System Requirements:

  • IBM QRadar version 7.2.8 or higher
  • Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS 7.0 or higher


Installation Steps:

  1.  Download the Palo Alto Networks app for QRadar from the IBM App Exchange:
  2. Upload and install the app on IBM QRadar using the following documentation from IBM:
  3. Configure the Palo Alto Networks firewall to send syslogs to IBM QRadar:


LEEF log format is the recommended setup however, if your company can not use LEEF logging standard for QRadar, we have an extension available for PAN-OS standard log format available here:


No further configuration is needed. Logs sent from the Palo Alto Networks firewall in the default syslog format are automatically identified by QRadar and the app.



Demo Video




IBM QRadar

See Getting Support for IBM Security QRadar products in the IBM Support site


Palo Alto Networks firewall support

Open a ticket with Palo Alto Networks TAC at:

Opening a Case with Customer Support


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L0 Member

The 3rd url in the installation steps in moved, can that be made available.

L2 Linker

Thanks I have updated the URL. 

L0 Member

Hi, It seems like the current app is deprecated because of old O/S . Is there any plan to publish new app ? Thanks

L0 Member

We use Qradar as our SIEM and need to know if there are plans to update this app to work with newer versions of QRadar anytime soon?

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