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Resolved! Unused and Duplicate Address Object Script

Hi all,


I saw previously someone posted a Perl script that finds unused address objects, but had some limitations.


From my end, I'm looking at trying to report on this via Powershell through the Invoke-RestMethod cmdlet that I've done against other b


Dynamic Tags via XML API with CIDR Range

 So the problem I'm running into is that its simple to interact with the XML API, but its not always so easy to figure out where the commands are or how they should be formatted. You guys should really consider some OpenAPI 3 style documentation.




hallerr by L2 Linker
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Proper Syntax for Local Cert Generation

Hi all,


Looking for some help on the proper XML structure for an API call to generate a local certificate. Every which way I try sending queries lands me an 'Illegal request [parameter]' response.


What I've tried lately was the following (with variab


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