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Resolved! New to Python:Having issues with pandevice

Getting below error when connecting to firewall:


>>> import pandevice

>>> fw = Firewall("", “firewall”, “firewall@123”)

  File "<stdin>", line 1

    fw = Firewall("", “firewall”, “firewall@123”)



Resolved! Creation of App-Id though XML Api

Hi Guys I am trying to create a App Id though xml api. I looked at the request though Debug Console:

<request cmd="set" obj="/config/devices/entry[@name='localhost.localdomain']/vsys/entry[@name='vsys1']/application/entry[@name='test2']" cookie="39209


Resolved! Ansible module - selecting "None" value

I'm trying to create a tunnel interface using Ansible module panos_tunnel from  Galaxy role PaloAltoNetworks.paloaltonetworks

My playbook is failing because it cannot detect correct netflow-profile value. In my configuration I don't have any netflow-p


XML API - Get thret ID and CVE (version 8.0)



Working with firewalls on version 7 with a query to the following path: xpath=/config/predefined/threats/vulnerability  I was able to get an XML with CVE of every threat, but on version 8 XML doen't contain associated CVE.


Are any other path t


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