June 14 Security Speakeasy: Simplifying Zero Trust for User-Based Security

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It’s an exciting and challenging time to be in network security. There's enough discussion fodder to keep us in our proverbial barstools way past closing time, which is why Palo Alto Networks recently launched Security Speakeasy. The series invites experts to discuss top-of-mind cybersecurity topics, issues, and trends in short, bite-sized videos.


Yesterday, Neha Kumar sat down with Brian Levin, a product line manager for Palo Alto Networks to discuss the unprecedented shift towards working from home—and how this mobility creates new challenges and solutions to authentication and identity for the workforce. You can watch the short, informative video, "Security Speakeasy: Simplifying Zero Trust for User-Based Security," now.


"It's becoming more and more important to have a consistent security experience, regardless of what applications you're using and in what location." — Brian Levin


Check out the video to learn more about this new set of challenges, designing a Next-Gen Cloud Identity Engine to achieve Zero Trust, and more. 



The Security Speakeasy YouTube Playlist is updated every Monday at noon PDT. 


Want to learn more? Read our LIVEcommunity blog announcing the Security Speakeasy series.  


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