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For every new product released, LIVEcommunity does its best to create dedicated landing pages so that customers can find everything they need in one place. Our latest addition is a technology page for Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition, which expands SASE to the modern-day workforce. 


Palo Alto Networks’ Okyo Garde brings enterprise-grade security into the home, protecting businesses from home network vulnerabilities in this new era of hybrid and work-from-home environments. Whether you’re a current customer or interested in learning more about how to bring Zero Trust network access into the home, LIVEcommunity’s new dedicated page for Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition is your one-stop shop for all relevant documentation, resources, videos, and discussions.


Where do I find the Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition page?


You can find Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition on the Prisma page subnavigationYou can find Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition on the Prisma page subnavigation


You can find the Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition technology page on the Prisma Access in the technology dropdown from our navigation bar. Okyo Garde uses Prisma Access to provide best-in-class security—with a beautifully designed WiFi 6 mesh router, uncompromising user experience, and seamless and scalable security for the hybrid workforce with dedicated end-user support.


On the Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition page, you’ll find how-to videos—including an overview of the product and onboarding experience—as well informative blogs, articles, educational resources, and datasheets. 




Ideally, LIVEcommunity’s technology pages will be customers’ first and last stop on their Palo Alto Networks product adoption journey. From discussions and blogs to videos and additional resources, LIVEcommunity can help you get the most from your cybersecurity toolbox!


If you want to know more about Prisma SASE innovations, including Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition, please join this Palo Alto Networks’ event on May 11.


Thanks for reading! ✌️


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