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Tips and Tricks: Allow 1 YouTube video and block othersTips and Tricks: Allow 1 YouTube video and block others

Read about how you can allow certain YouTube videos but block others through Palo Alto Networks devices and software. We reveal some excellent tips and tricks to help you apply this category to your network. Got questions? Get answers on LIVEcommunity!



Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tips & Tricks, where we give you tips to help get the most out of your Palo Alto Networks devices and software.


This week, I would like to talk about something that I have been dealing with ever since I started at Palo Alto Networks in 2012, and that is YouTube. In this example, I will be talking about allowing one YouTube video and blocking all other YouTube videos. 


YouTube is one of the more difficult applications to nail down, as they are infamous for changing algorithms about every six months. Just when you think you have the magic combination, things change. Well, that's all different now.


The secret I was just told about is this:

Instead of using a URL Filtering Policy,  just use the Custom URL Category. That in conjunction with SSL Decryption and blocking the quic protocol, as it can bypass SSL decryption.


Firewall interface view of Custom URL Category for the one YouTube video.Firewall interface view of Custom URL Category for the one YouTube video.


Instead of having to add a bunch of other (random) YouTube video pages, you can now just enter the one video for the allowed Custom URL Category.


Custom URL Category popup in the firewall interface, showing how to add new category.Custom URL Category popup in the firewall interface, showing how to add new category.


Again, now it is easier than ever to enter this website: "" to catch all other YouTube videos that you want to block.


Plug that into your rulebase, again with SSL Decryption and blocking quic, and you should be golden!


This and more details are inside of this Knowledge Base article here:

How to Allow a Single YouTube Video and Block All Other Videos


I hope this really helps you with YouTube!


Thanks for taking time to read my blog.
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As always, we welcome all comments and feedback in the comments section below.


Stay Secure,
Joe Delio
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L2 Linker

Hi Joe,


Great article, one thing I would add in to your deny category is the mobile "" and embedded "" options for viewing videos as these will allow users to bypass your rule base for YouTube.

The added and modified url look something like:






L2 Linker

how would you do this through appID?

L2 Linker

There are more details as to the configuration here - Allow only a single YouTube Video Configuration

This solution would also work well in conjunction with Minemeld to create URL based EDLs to white list specific channels on YouTube more details can be found here - YouTube Miner - Minemeld 


Hope this helps



L0 Member

I added some url in the youtube-allow to allow the single youtube video


.* /****

To allow the live chat in the live video i added this URL


L3 Networker

I have tried the above and it allows all the videos.


Does anyone know if YouTube has updated their streaming app and we need add or block to any more specific URLS?


have someone tested this recently? 

L3 Networker

@jdelio @rjhay The above setup does not seems to work.


So I am able to play the video I want to play, but then when when I click another video from the right hand display Column the other video's also work(which it should block)

If you play the video copy pasting the url in the Url tab it will block it.


Do you guys know any changes to YouTube policy which is preventing this?

Have you tested this recently and is it working for you guys?

L0 Member

Hi Guys,

Any update on this. I am experincing the same behavior. Now look like youtube video use a * URl, which it generate any code every time you click in the same video.



L0 Member
L0 Member

Is it possible to do this for video categories?
I have youtube enabled, but I need to block all game channels!

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