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If you missed any previous events, be sure to register and attend one of the upcoming Ignite on Tour events in your area!


In the ever-changing world of cybersecurity, it's important to recognize that the field is constantly evolving. The era of AI has brought about a significant shift in how organizations tackle and respond to cyber threats. With AI, we see both opportunities to strengthen our cybersecurity defenses and new challenges that cybersecurity professionals must grapple with.


In today's fast-paced landscape, cyber adversaries are becoming increasingly innovative and effective. The technologies driving digital transformation in the business world, such as AI/ML, cloud computing, and IoT, have completely reshaped the way we think about cybersecurity. Traditional methods no longer cut it in the face of these evolving threats. As leaders in this field, we need to be ready to make bold decisions and take proactive steps.


That's why we've decided to transform our flagship user conference, Ignite, into Ignite on Tour—a global roadshow tailored specifically for cybersecurity leaders and influencers like you. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey, where you can gain a deep understanding of the latest advancements, valuable insights, and effective strategies needed to navigate the complex world of cybersecurity and secure a brighter future.


Face the Future With Confidence!


Ignite on Tour unites prominent figures in the cybersecurity realm, including decision-makers and influencers, for an exhilarating day filled with inspiration, strategic planning, and valuable networking opportunities among colleagues. Make sure you seize this chance to explore the latest developments, current trends, and upcoming innovations in the cybersecurity landscape.


If you are a cybersecurity professional in search of technical demonstrations, training sessions, or certification programs, please be aware that these offerings are not available at this event. We encourage you to consult our Palo Alto Networks Events calendar for a comprehensive list of upcoming events tailored to your specific interests.


Upcoming Dates



Register for Ignite on Tour


Why Attend?


  • Listen to insights from the most brilliant minds in the cybersecurity field and find inspiration on how to efficiently put Zero Trust, AI/ML, and automation into practice to maintain a proactive stance.
  • Develop strategies to learn how to expedite cyber transformation, enabling the real-time detection and prevention of intricate and elusive threats, regardless of their scale.
  • Broaden your professional network and engage with your fellow executives by attending exclusive networking events and unique experiences during the entire event.
  • It's a global event, with multiple tour stops in various locations to accommodate a wide range of cybersecurity professionals from around the world. No excuse for not attending. 


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