Introducing ATP Local Deep Learning: Revolutionizing Threat Response Speed for High-Throughput Environments

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In today's digital landscape, where threats continue to evolve and increase, speed is of the essence when it comes to threat detection. We're thrilled to announce an exciting enhancement to Advanced Threat Prevention: Local Deep Learning


Understanding Customer Needs

In conversations with customers across various sectors like finance, healthcare, and high tech, we identified a pressing need for faster threat response, due to these particularly high throughput environments. While our cloud-based ML threat analysis is industry-leading, we've listened to the unique demands of this select group who prioritize speed and efficiency above all else.


Local Deep Learning for up to 99% Quicker Verdict Determination 

Local Deep Learning represents the latest advancement for Advanced Threat Prevention, leveraging cutting-edge deep learning technology to analyze network traffic directly on the firewall. It's important to note that this feature does not replace our cloud-based ML threat analysis; rather, it complements it seamlessly. Designed specifically for high throughput environments with CPU-intensive firewalls, Local Deep Learning works in tandem with our existing cloud-based analysis to deliver lightning-fast verdict determination, significantly reducing threat detection time.



Fig 1_ATP-Local-Deep-Learning_palo-alto-networks.png


Key Benefits for High-Throughput Firewall Customers

Local Deep Learning enables our fastest verdict determination, delivering our quickest response times yet, a significant advantage for our high-throughput customers. This enhanced threat detection capability allows customers to: 


  • Reduce Exposure Timeframe: Contain threats much faster, before they escalate.
  • Improve Business Continuity: Inspect more traffic with seamless performance.


Elevate Your Threat Response with Local Deep Learning

Experience the unparalleled advantage of up to a 99% reduction in verdict determination speed, ensuring unmatched efficiency and security. Local Deep Learning is available today, on supported hardware or software firewalls with PAN-OS Version 11.2.*


Learn More 

To learn more about Local Deep Learning, visit TechDocs


*Supported Hardware and Software Firewalls: 

(Local Deep Learning feature will only be available on PAN-OS 11.2 or above.)

Requires and ATP subscription


*On supported hardware and software firewalls:


  • VM with memory of 9G or higher 
  • VM Series Public Cloud 
  • VM Series Private Cloud 
  •  PA-5410, PA-5420, PA-5430, PA-5440, PA-5445



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