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Palo Alto Networks’ Advanced URL Filtering has released a new category called “Artificial Intelligence”.


ACTION: Your action is required. By default, we set the “Artificial Intelligence” category to “Alert” mode for the default profile only. If you have multiple URL Filtering profiles, we recommend that you change the default action to “Alert” for this category in each of your profiles.


How is Artificial Intelligence Defined?

Palo Alto Networks defines the "Artificial Intelligence" category for websites that offer direct AI services, especially Generative AI applications like chatbots, no-code software, AI/ML-based software development services, or productivity tools that leverage AI and Machine Learning. This category includes services such as OpenAI and Google Bard. Emphasis is given to websites that host the actual AI service and not to the informational AI content. 


As such, websites that provide information, resources, or education about AI/ML technology are not included under this category. For example, is a music streaming service that uses AI technology to recommend songs, but it does not offer direct AI services, so it would not be classified under the  "Artificial Intelligence" category. 


Browser extensions and marketplace  applications are also not covered under the "Artificial Intelligence" category. For instance, apps like and are not considered part of this category.


What is the category Use-case? 

The "Artificial Intelligence" category can be utilized to formulate a policy framework around the generative AI websites that your users can visit and interact with or the services that are in use in your development environments. Category allows you to take flexible actions based on your company's requirements and needs.


For instance, the category can be leveraged for:


  • SSL decryption to gain complete visibility and a comprehensive view of AI services and usage.
  • Striking a balance with intelligent access controls that allow you to either: Block access when necessary, or extend caution-based access with a “Continue” page that coaches users about the potential risks associated with generative websites and tools.


Will the “Artificial Intelligence” category be visible across all versions of PAN-OS?

Yes, the Artificial Intelligence category will be visible across all versions of PAN-OS.


When will the “Artificial Intelligence” category be available?

The “Artificial Intelligence” category will be visible on the administrator management console beginning June 29, 2023 with content release version 8727 and above although we will not begin publishing URLs to the category until July 14th, 2023.


What is the recommended action for the Artificial Intelligence category?

Palo Alto Networks recommends customers keep the default action for this category set to “Alert” to have better visibility and control of user traffic.

Note: The “Artificial Intelligence” category action is set to “Alert” only for the default profile. If you have multiple URL Filtering security profiles, action will be required by an Administrator to update the default action to “Alert” for each of these profiles. This applies to all versions of PAN-OS software.


Is the "Artificial Intelligence" category released as a single category or a multi-category? 

The "Artificial Intelligence" category has been released as a multi-category feature, allowing the simultaneous association of a single URL with two distinct categories. Consequently, customers will observe URLs categorized under two content categories, including the new "Artificial Intelligence" category. For more information on this multi-category feature, please refer to our LiveCommunity article.


Do I need to install content version 8727 and above to access this category? 

Yes, the "Artificial Intelligence" category is only available with content release version 8727 and above.


Why is the new "Artificial Intelligence" category missing under my URL filtering profiles? 

The "Artificial Intelligence" category is exclusively available with content release 8727 and above. To benefit from this new category, customers are required to update to the specified content release version.


What happens if my NGFW is still using the content version below 8727? 

For correct identification of all published URLs within the "Artificial Intelligence" category, content version 8727 or higher is required. Published URLs in this new category will not be identified under the "Artificial Intelligence" category with content versions below 8727, and will instead be classified as "Unknown". If the action of the "Unknown" category is set to block, these URLs will be blocked accordingly.


After updating the content version to 8727 and above, I still see the ""Artificial Intelligence" URLs getting blocked under the category "Unknown." 

This occurrence may be attributed to the caching mechanism employed by the NGFW where URLs will be cached for a certain period of time to expedite responses. Consequently, "Artificial Intelligence" URLs may persist in the "Unknown" category until the cache-out timer expires for each URL. To resolve this issue, clearing the cache for the specific domain or URL is recommended. For more details on how to clear the cache, please refer to this Knowledge Base (KB) article


What is the Palo Alto Networks test URL for Artificial Intelligence?

The test URL for “Artificial Intelligence” category is:


Additional Information

For more information on best practices when managing Advanced URL Filtering categories, please read our 

URL Filtering Category Recommendations 

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L1 Bithead

As of 19th July, both and are still categorized as computer and internet info rather than artificial-intelligence.


There's no point blocking/allowing a category if the URLs are not properly categorised.

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