Palo Alto Networks Introduces PAN-OS 10.2

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Palo Alto Networks officially released PAN-OS 10.2 just a couple of days ago. It introduces new and enhanced cloud-delivered security services and leverages cloud compute for artificial intelligence (AI) in addition to deep learning techniques to secure the modern enterprise. Check out the resources below for details, including the new features and bug fixes.


New PAN-OS 10.2 features include:



This is just the tip of the iceberg! Are you ready to Get Started with PAN-OS 10.2?


Be sure to review the upgrade and downgrade considerations for specific information about upgrading/downgrading. You can also refer to the PAN-OS 10.2 Release Notes.


Upgrading to PAN-OS 10.2 also depends on your current setup. In any scenario, be sure to review the Associated Software and Content Versions and follow the procedures specific to your deployment outlined in the PAN-OS 10.2 Admin Guide.


More new hardware goodies


  • PA-3400 Series Firewalls: The PA-3400 Series delivers a superior NGFW solution for the internet gateway and campus segmentation use case, offering comprehensive security capabilities without compromising on performance and flexible network interface options enabling network consolidation and high speed connectivity up to 100 Gbps.
  • PA-5410, PA-5420, and PA-5430 Firewalls: The new PA-5400 Series models provide the highest fixed form-factor firewalls in the Palo Alto Networks NGFW portfolio. These firewalls offer comprehensive security capabilities and high capacity interfaces for use cases that include large enterprise data centers, Internet gateways, and large campus environments.
  • M-300 and M-700 Appliances: These new M-Series models are multi-functional appliances that you can configure to run in Panorama™ Management mode, Panorama Management-only mode, Panorama Log Collector mode, or PAN-DB Private Cloud mode. These models include the following main features when compared to the M-200 and M-600 appliance:
    • Improved responsiveness with faster CPU and more memory
    • Increased log ingestion rate 
    • Support for larger configuration sizes


Additional Information


Have you already upgraded to PAN-OS 10.2?

Feel free to share your questions, comments and feedback in the section below.


Thank you for taking time to read this blog.

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Stay secure!!

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Hello ,


can you please tell us IS PAN-OS 10.2 stable ?

Community Team Member

Hi @staj ,


It's a fully supported version so if you install it and encounter issues then TAC will have to support you.

That being said, it's very new and as such it's currently not listed as a 'Preferred Release' on the release guidance page :


Here's a discussion with some users sharing their experience so far:


Cheers !




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How do I disable ssh port on the public facing interface?  I believe I only have ping-only but somehow it has ssh open.

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I am in the process of adding a second firewall at one of my sites.  The intent is to configure two firewalls in active/passive HA mode.  The issue is that the ISP at this location is providing a "static" IP based on the MAC address registered in their systems.  The MAC address presented to the ISP will change once the two firewalls are running in HA mode.  In order to maintain our current IP so that we can maintain VPN tunnels between several offices, I need to ensure the MAC address is registered with the ISP. 


My question:  Is it possible to define (hard code) the virtual MAC address used on the interface?  This would allow me to pre-register the new MAC and ensure I don't lose my "static" IP address provide by the ISP.  I understand it's possible calculate what it would be.  If you can't define the MAC, how do you determine what it will be?




Dan Nadon

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Hello Community,


I have a requirement to integrate our current Palo Alto firewalls with Dynatrace i.e. send metrics to Dynatrace, Its a couple of IaaS PA-VM firewalls hosted in Azure currently running v10.1.10.


Not found much information out on the internet and thought to ask here if anyone could point me to some materials i could read up on have any examples i could check out.



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I need assistance regarding PAN OS upgrade for PA-820 model, currently I have Software Version 9.1.16-h3 installed in HA environment and I need to upgrade to 10.2.6 so which are the mandatory version I have to install.


Is below sequence correct or need to add or remove any PAN OS, please suggest 


10.0.0 Download and Install

10.1.0 Download and Install

10.1.10-h2 Download and Install

10.2.0 Download and Install

and 10.2.6 Download and Install


L4 Transporter

@itopsnetwork You'll want to take a look at the link below.  Basically, download the major & preferred minor version, install the minor version - you don't need to go to the x.x.0 release first - but you do need to download it.  The major & minor downloads (when there is a minor) create a complete & updated PANOS.


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