Tips & Tricks: How To Use Color Coded Tags

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Tips & Tricks - How to use color coded tags.Tips & Tricks - How to use color coded tags.

Palo Alto Networks LIVEcommunity provides some tips and tricks about how to use color coded tags for your security policies in the firewall web interface. See how color coded tags can help you with your security policies.


Wether you are a seasoned security expert or a newcomer to the security field, color coded tags may be something that you're missing in your security policy. 


Have your ever gotten lost in the zones or address objects when trying to look through your security policy rulebase? 

Firewall view of security policies without color coded tags.Firewall view of security policies without color coded tags.


This can be a pain, not to mention frustrating, when trying to find a rule. Well, here's some good news! I am here to tell you all about Color Coded Tags. With color coded Tags, you can now have the ability to colorize your security policy.


You can use color codes for the following: 

  • Objects > Address
  • Objects > Address Groups
  • Objects > Services
  • Objects > Service Groups
  • Network > Zones 


Now, let's take a look at a security policy after you have applied color coded tags. I've applied some color coded tags to policies inside the columns for Tags, Zone, Address, and Service.  

Firewall view of security policies with color coded tags.Firewall view of security policies with color coded tags.


Using color coded tags can really change how a security policy looks, and they can make it so much easier to find the rule you're looking for.  Also, it is handy to know: "Did I get those zones right?" with just a simple glance.


More Info

For the complete Knowledge Base article that describes all of the details, please go here: How to Configure Color Coded Tags


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