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Version 1.2.29 (Date July 18, 2022)







apt update
sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install expedition-beta
manual update cd /tmp;
wget  https://conversionupdates.paloaltonetworks.com/expedition-updates/expedition_1.2.29.all.deb;
sudo dpkg -i expedition_1.2.29.all.deb;




  • [MT-2424] - CISCO (Regression bug) service-object tcp-udp destination eq 3389 is creating invalid services
  • [MT-2425] - STONESOFT - Stonesoft stacked when migrating configs using sub-policies with shared objects
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L0 Member

Hi @dpuigdomenec, Thanks for fixing the earlier bug related to tcp-udp cisco service not being recognized. I can confirm that it is fixed but now we are running in to another issue.


Expeditions is stuck in: "Processing: Calculate Unused objects(88% completed)" I tried couple things recommended here: https://live.paloaltonetworks.com/t5/expedition-discussions/stuck-processing-calculate-unused-object...


Including updating custom params to increase memory, creating brand new project, rebooting VM etc. Nothing seem to resolve the errors.

Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 9.04.02 PM.png

L1 Bithead

I can confirm the same issue as Idris_tuna started apparently with 1.2.28 and also present in 1.2.29

L4 Transporter

Hi @COsterbrink-LIS , @idris_tuna 

Later I will release a quick fix fixing for this. I replicated it on my environment also.

Sorry for the inconveniences,



L4 Transporter
L1 Bithead



David; thanks for the quick fix. I updated and rebooted the VM, then re-opened the project and when jumping to objects it still says 

2022-07-19 17_02_38-Window.png

  anythhing else I need to do?




L1 Bithead

@dpuigdomenec seems to have recovered over night, works again today, thanks for your quick action!

L4 Transporter

Thanks for feedback @COsterbrink-LIS

The task "Calculate Unused Objects" was not finished due to the issue introduced on version 1.2.29 and that was the reason it continues after the update to version 1.2.30. Once it's finished the popup disappears.

Let me know if you have any other issue.


L1 Bithead

@dpuigdomenec two days ago when the task "Calculate Unused Objects" was finished I was able to work without any problems. Today I re-opened this project and it starts again with  the task "Calculate Unused Objects" hanging at 88% - is the issue not resolved or do I have to wait everytime I open the project to have the task finished again?



L4 Transporter

Hi @COsterbrink-LIS, that message it's only expected to appear the first time, as the task is not complete, after the fixing the task should be available to finish properly.

Please let the process finish and login again to the project. If the message appears again please send an email to fwmigrate@paloaltonetworks.com so we could give you more instructions or schedule a quick session to delete the pending task from the db.


L1 Bithead

@dpuigdomenec Issue also persits with a completely new project - I reached out to fwmigrate@paloaltonetworks.com 




L0 Member

@COsterbrink-LIS, this is resolved for me when I open an incognito browser and created new project. Make sure that you are deleted your old project. If you open your old project errors comes back.

L4 Transporter

Thanks @idris_tuna for your message. @COsterbrink-LIS had a memory error and that provoked the task didn't finish properly.

We went over it increasing resources for the VM and cleaning pending tasks.


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