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L4 Transporter
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Version 1.2.36 (Date Sep 6, 2022)







apt update
sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install expedition-beta
manual update cd /tmp;
wget  https://conversionupdates.paloaltonetworks.com/expedition-updates/expedition_1.2.36.all.deb;
sudo dpkg -i expedition_1.2.36.all.deb;




  • MT-1998 - CHECKPOINT (R81) Adding a tag named GROUP_WITH_EXCLUSION when reading an address group with an exclusion.
  • MT-2442 - CHECKPOINT (R81):
    1) object type cluster-member is not supported - it should be read as a simple-cluster object.
    2) simple-cluster object is currently created as an address Host. Instead it should be created as an address group containing its cluster members (that should be also address_object containing their interfaces as networks), ipv4 and ipv6 (address host) and interfaces (as networks).
    Control to avoid duplicates shall be in place.
    3) support to read natSummaryText attribute for objects CpmiGatewayPlain, CpmiClusterMember, simple-cluster, cluster-member, simple-gateway
    4) logging not supported objects into the monitor log
  • MT-2445 - CHECKPOINT (R81) - NAT rules created with a random source or destination when source or destination is a not supported type object.
  • MT-2453 - CHECKPOINT (R81) - While reading access-role type object Expedition was assuming that the field users will be always an array but we realise that sometimes this field could be empty. Included a validation to assure the field is an array prior to iterate over its values.
  • MT-2446 - Stuck at generating pan-os 10.2.2 xml file from Expedition due to template names length.
  • MT-2451 - Performance issue when doing a merge (by name, by name and value, by value and by selection) on groups (services and address groups). 
  • EXPD2-302 - STONESOFT - TCP service typed as range is not properly created
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L0 Member

Hi Team,


We are experiencing a severe wait state in the Object merge operation and the operation results in an error.


Best Regards,


L4 Transporter

Hi @sezgi_dogan, could you send and email to fwmigrate@paloaltonetworks.com so we could review your case? Thanks!

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