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Maltego is a data visualization tool created by the company Paterva which allows users to explore the relationships between entities interactively through Transforms. Transforms allow users to query disparate data sources and present a view of the retrieved data in a single view.

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Learn about the different transforms available in Maltego to interact with AutoFocus data
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Maltego, AutoFocus & SmartFiltering
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Learn how to setup our transforms so that you can visualise data from AutoFocus in the Maltego Client!
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Nothing is perfect, and the same goes for our transforms. If you find that you are not getting the expected results when running our transform sets we want to know about it.    Before reporting a bug, please collect the following additional information:   1) Version of Maltego running 2) Any debug messages visible in the "Transform Output" window of Maltego 3) The value of the entity you were attempting to run a query for, its type, the expected result, and the result that was yielded. 4) Any error messages presented by the Maltego Client itself.   Please post any bugs identified in the discussions forum here on
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Find out about the new entity types that our transform set adds to your Maltego Client
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