PANCast™ Episode 35: How to Set up Alibaba Cloud Container Registry for Prisma Cloud Scan

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Episode Transcript:



Hello PANCasters, welcome back. Today we cover some more info on Prisma Cloud and specifically how it can help with Alibaba Container Registry. Our guest today is Roshan.
Hi Roshan, welcome back. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Roshan:Roshan Tulsani is a Staff Technical Support Engineer for Prisma Cloud and Compute, and has a vast experience in the Support Environment. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise with customers, especially on Prisma Cloud scanning.Roshan Tulsani is a Staff Technical Support Engineer for Prisma Cloud and Compute, and has a vast experience in the Support Environment. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise with customers, especially on Prisma Cloud scanning.

Hello John and everyone tuned in, I appreciate being here today. I'm Roshan, a Staff Technical Support Engineer for Prisma Cloud, bringing with me years of support experience in the cybersecurity and Prisma Cloud domains.


Thanks Roshan. Now let's start with the basics. What is Alibaba Container Registry?


Thanks for inquiring. Alibaba Container Registry is a cloud-based container registry service provided by Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group. A container registry is a centralized repository for storing and managing container images used in containerized applications.
Alibaba Container Registry allows users to store, manage, and deploy Docker container images in a secure and scalable manner. It integrates seamlessly with other Alibaba Cloud services, facilitating the development and deployment of containerized applications on Alibaba Cloud infrastructure.


Got it. So how do we configure it?

Setting Up your Alibaba Cloud Container Registry



This setup requires only three straightforward actions. It begins by initially setting up the Alibaba Cloud Container Registry. Next, you push your Container Images in the Registry using ‘docker push'. Finally, you configure this Registry in Prisma Cloud for Successful Scan.


To begin, log in to the Alibaba Cloud Console and navigate to the Container Registry section. Depending on your business requirements, you have the option to choose between Container Registry Personal Edition or Enterprise Edition. For secure access to your Container Registry instance in the future, set a password under 'Access Credential.'

Proceed to create a Namespace, providing an effective way to manage a collection of repositories. Following this, create a Repository by selecting the previously established Namespace, specifying the Repository Type as Public or Private and assigning a Repository Name.

Upon completing these steps, Alibaba Cloud will automatically generate a unique Endpoint URL for your Registry. This URL is structured as Registry URL / Namespace / Repo-name. Make sure to copy the Docker Commands provided, as they will be useful for future reference. These commands enable you to interact with your Container Registry efficiently


OK. So now we need to push the container image. How do we do that?

Pushing Container Image in the Registry Using 'Docker Push'



Start by logging in to the Alibaba Cloud Docker Registry using the previously created credentials in your Command Line Interface. Next, tag an image that you intend to push by associating it with the Registry URL, utilizing any existing Image ID. To obtain the Image ID, execute the 'docker images' command and confirm the tagging process by running the 'docker images' command again.

Proceed to push the tagged image to the Alibaba Cloud Registry (ACR) using the 'docker push' command. To verify the successful push, check under the 'Tags' section of the Container Registry. This ensures that the image has been successfully uploaded to the specified registry on Alibaba Cloud.


And finally I guess we configure the registry right? How is that done?

Configuring the Registry in Prisma Cloud for Successful Scan



Begin by navigating to the Credentials store in the Prisma Cloud Compute section and creating a Basic authentication credential that incorporates the service account's username and password.

Next, in the Defend section under Vulnerabilities, add your Registry to the Registry Settings. Here, you define your Registry Address, typically concluding with '<region>'. While the Registry URL should be the Registry Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), the Repository URL should be in the format 'Namespace/Repository_Name'. Select "Docker Registry v2" as the Version and associate it with the previously created Credential. Confirm your settings by clicking "Add."

The beauty of this configuration lies in its simplicity and flexibility. The additional fields are optional, allowing you to tailor them based on your specific business needs and requirements.

Once the Registry is successfully added, you gain the freedom to initiate a manual scan at your convenience. This scan serves as a proactive measure, helping you identify and address any vulnerabilities that might be present within your container images. The process is designed to be both remarkable and effortless, empowering you to maintain the security integrity of your containerized applications.


Great info Roshan, what would be the key takeaways?

Episode Key Takeaways



Thanks John, the key takeaways for today would be

First, establishing a Private Storehouse which in our case is Alibaba Cloud Container Registry
Next, pushing Container Images in the Registry by leveraging Docker. Finally, onboarding the Registry Credentials and configuration in Prisma Cloud Compute section for a successful scan

I am hopeful that by now, you have a fair idea on Alibaba Cloud Container Registry Scanning and create History with it!


Thank you, Roshan. You can find the transcript and some valuable links on under PANCast™.


Once again, Thank you John for having me and I hope to join you on another episode of PANCast™.


PANCasters, if you have topics you need us to cover, please send in your feedback through the Ideas Submission page on LIVEcommunity, and we’ll be happy to review them.
Bye for now.


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Community Team Member

great episode! can't wait for the next one!

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Community Manager

Another great episode!


L2 Linker

I like the way you have organised the process - to plan, push and implement.

It guides us to be more successful in the execution of changes. 

Thank you!