Google Drive CREATED Date New Definition


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Google Drive CREATED Date New Definition


Google has made a recent change where the value of “CREATED” for a file shows the date that file has been uploaded to Google Drive as opposed to the time that file was created by the user outside of Google Drive, on local system.


This enhancement is a result of customers’ feedback and requests released in early April 2020.


Prisma SaaS reads the data received from Google Drive and displays them on the console.


Per this change, now “CREATED” date is the date the file is uploaded to the Google Drive.

“MODIFIED” date is the date of the last change on the user file system. In cases that there is no modification occurs after uploading the file to Google Drive, The CREATED date shows a date prior to MODIFIED or LAST UPDATED date in Prisma SaaS UI. 


You can see this in the Asset details page where you can find information about the asset and related incident, as seen in the screenshot below.



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