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Prisma SaaS is really good at identifying types of data and applying policy to your SaaS applications. What if you could do more? What if you could match on this but not this other thing? What if you had access to more data patterns without needing to spelunk the caverns of custom regular expressions?


Enter Prisma SaaS DLP

I’m excited to say that now you can with the addition of Prisma SaaS DLP  a service that augments Prisma SaaS as we know it today. Prisma SaaS currently offers 40 data patterns. Not bad! The DLP service improves on that by introducing Data Profiles


Imagine being able to combine data patterns into a data profile, then applying that profile to a policy. Currently the number of data profiles offered by Prisma SaaS DLP is 11, offering a helpful tool to the 40 data patterns (note the exact number varies as patterns and profiles are improved upon). Want more? Enterprise DLP Addon has around 380 data patterns. Enterprise DLP is currently available as a trial. 


Boolean Operators


Have you wanted to create a policy that would apply to a data pattern but only if another data pattern wasn't present? A great example I encountered was a customer who wanted to raise an incident if data included proprietary source code but only if it didn't include open source. The regular expression was, to use a highly technical term, icky. Now you can do this kind of combined logic with basic and advanced boolean operators. You can even drag and drop to create the logic. 

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