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Brief Description

This quickplay solution provides a rapid API-based CIS benchmark assessment of the Palo Alto Networks NGFW


Video coming soon...



Playing this solution requires:

  • panhandler 4.3 or later
  • API access to the NGFW


Solution Details


Github Location:

Github Branches: main

Product Versions Supported: PAN-OS 9.0/9.1 based on the benchmark version support


Full Description

The CIS benchmark v9.0.0 provides a description, rationale, audit, and remediation steps for a multitude of NGFW configuration benchmarks. Manually assessing the complete set of benchmarks can be highly time consuming.


This quickplay allows the user to leverage the NGFW API to query configuration and system state information, assess the various benchmarks, and then present the user with an online report showing pass/fail conditions. Not intended for an official audit, the quick preview allows for remediations ahead of a full audit or to provide periodic checks.


Note: This CIS quickplay does not replace a recommended Palo Alto Networks Best Practice Assessment (BPA). For more information, please visit the BPA Live Community


Report Results

The output report provides a complete set of contextual information based on the CIS benchmark document:


  • summary of total test with pass/fail/action required counts
  • each benchmark grouped by section as found in the report
  • Level and Scored attributes for each benchmark
  • documentation links for each benchmark to assist with manual remediation steps
  • contextual pop-up insights showing why a benchmark failed


CIS report.png



The Action Required Result

Some of the benchmark results are flagged as 'action required'. This denotes one of two outcomes:


  • The test hasn't been implemented due to technical limitations such as 'off-box' benchmarks or volumetric type checks that are deployment specific
  • The test hasn't been implemented and is marked as a 'roadmap item' for a future release




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L0 Member

This is awesome! Exactly what a customer wants - Do you by any chance have an updated version of the CIS Benchmark?

L4 Transporter

Hi. thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately we had to shift priorities away from this project and moved it to the archive. There are no planned updates.