Best Practice Assessment

Best Practice Assessment

Best Practice Assessment (BPA) Tool — The BPA for next-generation firewalls and Panorama evaluates a device’s configuration by measuring the adoption of capabilities, validating whether the policies adhere to best practices, and providing recommendations and instructions for how to remediate failed best practice checks. This page will provide more information about this feature.

Best Practice Assessment Video Library

The Best Practice Assessment video library provides an in-depth look into each best practice check. You may choose from each of the categories below.

Best Practice Assessment API

BPA API Zip Bundle


In this article, find out how an API allows you to programmatically generate BPA data without the need to provide an entire TSF.

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BPA API Token Request


To request a BPA API from Palo Alto Networks, please provide the information outlined in this article. Read for more information.

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ESM on-premise Traps preventive maintenance report

Could anyone share a sample preventive maintenance report for Traps (ESM premise). Thank you in advance.

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a week ago

PAN Migrations from SRX

Hi All, Does anyone migrated SRX (1400) to PAN NGFW (3200) recently. If you have any best practices, please share it here.

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3 weeks ago

Is possible to get 100% Zone Protection Adoption?

Hi All, I have set all my zones with zone protection but after running BPA the zone protection adoption result is 90%, i have tested same on other firewall...

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Logging question

Greetings, long time listener fist time caller. So this question has been brought up several times in my Organization and although I have never spent extensive...

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Log Retention Policies and Best Practices

Hello. I'm looking for suggestions for what to log out to ELK. I understand that this will be different for every environment and should be based on existing...

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Best Practice Assessment Blogs

Rule Hit Count in BPA Report


Read about the new features in the Best Practice Assessment (BPA) Report to process Rule Hit Count.

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BPA Report: Methodology and Training Links for Security Posture


Read about how a BPA report provides methodology and training links to help you improve your security posture.

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BPA Adventure: Anti-Spyware and DNS Sinkhole


Like any good security engineer, I have my own PA-220 at home and I was (smugly) wondering how well I would score on a Best Practice Assessment (BPA). The results were...interesting.

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Best Practice Assessment Release Notes

BPA Release Notes v3.34

Wednesday — BPA Release Notes v3.34 Bugs Intrazone Rule with Action Deny We have fixed this best practice check now. If the Intrazone rule is set with Action=Deny then that security rule is excluded from this check analysis.

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BPA Release Notes v3.33

Wednesday — BPA Release Notes v3.33 New Features Improvements on 'Mapping Definitions' section We have added, a - 'Passing Occurence' column - Now we can know how many number of times a single BP check has been parsed in...

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Best Practice Assessment Sample Documents

BPA Report in HTML

07-15-2019 — A Sample BPA report as an HTML file can process your whole configuration to provide the security capability feature adoption across all devices and validate if you are aligning to security best practices....

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Failed Best Practice Checks - Panorama Example

07-10-2019 — Sample of a failed BPA spreadsheet that lists all the failed checks in the configuration and provides its relevant details to fix it. This can be used as a progress tracker by updating the status column....

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BPA Executive Summary PDF

07-10-2019 — The sample BPA Executive Summary PDF file is designed for management and executives to know the current state at a high level on capability adoption and best practice alignment to security controls through...

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