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Earlier this year, Palo Alto Networks announced that September 30, 2022 would be the official End-of-Sale (EOS) date for its AutoFocus product. Now that the AutoFocus EOS date is around the corner, find out what it means for you, get answers to frequently asked questions, and discover alternatives to the AutoFocus service. 



What is AutoFocus?


AutoFocus is a cloud-based threat intelligence service that enables you to easily identify critical attacks, so that you can triage effectively and take action without requiring additional IT resources. It correlates data from WildFire, the PAN-DB URL Filtering database, Unit 42, and from third-party feeds (including both closed and open-source intelligence) and surfaces what’s most important. AutoFocus then makes the data searchable and layers the data with statistics that both highlight pervasive malware and reveal connections between malware. AutoFocus lets you know if adversaries and campaigns discovered by Unit 42 have targeted your network, or networks like yours.


Which AutoFocus products are EOS?


All AutoFocus products with SKUs beginning with PAN-AF. Read the complete AutoFocus FAQs.


When is AutoFocus End-of-Life (EOL)?


Don't panic: According to Palo Alto Networks' End-of-Life Policy, you can still use AutoFocus and get support (with a valid service contract) for three years after EOS — that's September 30, 2025.



What AutoFocus Alternatives do I have?


Palo Alto Networks customers using these products that are worried about what the future might bring should evaluate the following products as upgrade alternatives:


Cortex XSOAR Threat Intelligence Management:

Cortex XSOAR TIM unlocks the power of your threat intelligence, with a mission-control platform that gives you unmatched visibility into the global threat landscape, ties threat information to incidents in real-time, and automates the distribution of your threat intelligence at scale.


Some key features are:

  • Manage threat intelligence lifecycle
  • Eliminate silos
  • Actionable intelligence

Check out this video for a more detailed overview of Cortex XSOAR Threat Intelligence Management.


AIOps for NGFW:

Proactively improve your security posture and prevent disruptions before they happen. AIOps for NGFW uses ML-powered insights to improve your security posture. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Maximize security with AI-based recommendations - Using telemetry from thousands of deployments, AIOps continuously recommends best practices to improve your overall security posture through machine learning-powered predictions. You can improve your security posture without adding staff or buying new equipment.
  • Minimize downtime with predictive analytics - AIOps predicts up to 51% of disruptions to your NGFWs before they impact your network operations. Now you can overcome operational challenges such as misconfigurations, compliance, resource usage, and hardware and software failures.
  • Get the full value of your security investments - Organizations struggle to maximize their investments in firewalls. AIOps delivers high ROI by avoiding costly outages, providing actionable insights, predicting firewall health and reducing the time drain on scarce security staff.
  • Deploy easily, speed ticket creation and gain visibility - You can deploy AIOps in minutes. AIOps provides one-click support ticket creation and integrates smoothly with ServiceNow. Intuitive dashboards allow your security team to extract insights from traffic logs. AIOps alerts security staff to areas needing attention quickly and accurate.


Read the complete AutoFocus FAQs, and check out the You can view the details of Palo Alto Networks End-of-Life Policy now.


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