SD-WAN Configuration Quickplay

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Brief Description

A suite of Panorama configuration skillets for SD-WAN:


  • Initial profile/object configuration
  • Hub and Branch template and device-group configuration
  • Panorama variables populated during device onboarding
  • Hub-Branch topology configuration


Target Audience

This skillet is intended for Palo Alto Networks SEs, PSEs, Partners, and Customers that are using PAN-OS SD-WAN and looking for simplified Panorama configuration.



The configuration skillet requires a licensed 9.1 Panorama installation and the SD-WAN plugin.


Solution Details


Github Location:

Github Branches: master

Panorama Versions Supported: 9.1

Type of Skillet: panorama


  • SD-WAN

Full Description

The description below gives an overview of the skillet elements. For detailed information regarding prerequisites and skillet usage please review the SD-WAN Skillet documentation.


Playing the skillets currently requires panHandler.


Add devices to Panorama using one or more serial numbers and then onboarding devices to configured SD-WAN topologies.


Configure Shared Elements

Rapid configuration of shared elements such as link tags, traffic distribution profiles, path quality profiles, and catch-all policies. Shared elements are used as part of the individual site configurations.


Site Creation

SD-WAN configurations and eventual device configurations are topology dependent. The site creation skillet uses a building block approach using various interface and addressing types, Panorama variables, and zones. These sites can then be used as hub/branch options to create the SD-WAN topology



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