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L4 Transporter

The IronSkillet team is proud to announce the latest version of IronSkillet for PAN-OS 11.0 Nova. This is our eigth IronSkillet release since our initial release with PAN-OS 8.0.


In tandem with our 11.0 release and to keep the community Quickplay Solutions current we have implemented an archive model. Any Quickplays that haven't been updated in recent releases will be moved to the archive article section. They are still accessible along with the associated GitHub and other related repositories but are not actively supported through this community. Feel free to continue using these solutions noting they may not work with the latest software releases.


IronSkillet 11.0 New Release

IronSkillet  is a day one deployment-agnostic NGFW and Panorama configuration. It is used as an initial baseline including device hardening and security profiles to be used by use-case specific configuration and security policies.


The 11.0 release includes new configuration snippets: Vulnerability Protection Profiles, URL Filtering Categories and Inline Cloud Analysis support.


Additional IronSkillet information can be found in the IronSkillet Quickplay Solutions article.


We're excited to release this new Quickplay Solution update to the community. 


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