Quickplay Solutions using Skillets

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Quickplay Solutions using Skillets

Skillets offer an open-source model for information sharing across a wide array of tasks and use cases. They can be used for NGFW and Panorama configuration, data capture and validations, device instantiation, or a combination of tasks as workflows.


Often described as records played on various applications or record players, skillets are contained collections of information with a mix of variables, content, and playback instructions contained as metadata.


Skillets are categorized in three fundamental ways:

  1. Type: based on what they do; examples include 'panos', Panorama, Python, Terraform, validation

  2. Collection: how they are tagged and grouped based on use cases or actions

  3. Tier: based on maturity and trust in the community as certified, community, or personal


Finding and Playing Skillets

Skillets are archived using GitHub repositories. This allows a player to easily import the skillet, read the metadata information, and begin skillet playback.


The content in this site is designed to provide contextual information about each skillet along with its GitHub repository and branch information. Skillets promoted to the community tier are catalogued as community articles. Personal skillets contributed as hoc are found with the personal skillets discussion board. The How to Contribute article provides additional information about skillet tiers. 


Skillet Details for GitHubSkillet Details for GitHub


This example shows the GitHub information for IronSkillet, a day one configuration skillet. The GitHub location provides the URL for repo import and a set of associated branches specific to each software version.


After a skillet of interest is found, use the GitHub repo and branch information to import the skillet into a player. A recommended player to get started with skillets is Panhandler. You can use the Panhandler Quick Start guide to install Panhandler and then import and play skillets.


Skillet Questions, Suggestions, and Issues

Users are encouraged to use the various discussion boards to provide feedback to the skillet community. This is not limited to only skillet questions but also suggestions to help improve existing skillets and to bring new skillets into the community.


Feedback for personal skillets can help tune, mature, and help get them promoted to more trusted community skillets.


Lastly, issues can be discussed here yet found issues should be submitted to the specific skillet GitHub repository to ensure the author is notified and can address any skillet problems. The LIVEcommunity is useful as a discovery and discussion forum while GitHub is better suited for issue submission and tracking.


Support of Skillets

Skillets are not supported by Palo Alto Networks.


Some skillets are contributed by Palo Alto Networks and not formally supported. Support for the this project is provided on a best-effort basis the Palo Alto Networks user community. If you encounter any issues you may:

  • Open a GitHub issue
  • Open a discussion using the skillet page on LIVEcommunity

More information on Palo Alto Networks support policies may be found at:



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