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The quickplay community is an open-source initiative that relies on the community to create and consume various types of solutions.


Quickplay Content

For content to be considered and posted as a quickplay solution, it should be readily consumable by the user. This includes and not limited to:


  • Ansible playbooks
  • Skillets
  • Terraform templates
  • python scripts
  • PAN-OS set commands


The goal is not to provide framework-centric 'how to automate' elements but instead use case specific, pre-built, ready-to-use content.

Contribution Information

Requests to include content can be made by either submitting a quickplay article for review (for internal users) or posting a submission request in the discussion thread.


The assumption is that submitted content will be contained in a git-like repository that is publicly accessible to the community. Submissions should include details such as show below to provider users with all the necessary information to use a quickplay solution.



Github Location:

Github Branches: master

PAN-OS Supported: 9.0, 9.1, 10.0

Type of Solution: skillet: xml configuration, rest, python, text render for set commands

Use Case: simple operational tools to query the PAN-OS NGFW


Also provide information about how the user can play the solution along with test coverage.


Support Model

Quickplays are unsupported by Palo Alto Networks and only supported within the community.


Where applicable, users should open issues in the git repository specific to the respective quickplay solution.


Contributing to Existing Solutions

As is common in the open-source community, users can contribute to existing solutions if accessible in a git repository.


The recommended model is to fork the GitHub repo and use pull requests to submit additions, changes, or suggestions. Or for novice users, open an issue in the solution repo with suggested enhancements. This creates a discussion thread in GitHub specific to the solution.

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