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Hyper-V image or install instructions

L1 Bithead



I really want to run this in our environment but we are Hyper-V based, so I could really do with either :-

Hyper-V base image or Instructions to install on generic Ubuntu install.


Or even steps to modify the current vmware image.


I have tried without sucess to convert the current VMWare image to Hyper-V but it fails on the network card not starting and I havnt worked out how to fix that yet.


This has been so far :- 


Load into VMWare fusion

Export as single OVA

Extract on Windows Server

Use converter with virtualbox to make into Hyper-V format 

Create new G1 Hyper-V VM and use this converted disk


It boots fine but errors on the NIC card 😞


I have a migration next week and I think this tool could really help us 🙂



Who Me Too'd this topic