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"Remote Exception" when opening the Devices tab or importing config

Hi there,


I'm trying to use Expedition against a VM-Panorama (running v8.1.2). Only one Panorama, no other devices. A few weeks ago it was working fine but now when I use it I get the Loading spinner for a while followed by a rather informative error shown below.  This occurs when I click away from the Devices tab and then back to it. 




I have completely removed the panorama device from the Devices tab and re-added it. It seemed to authenticate and pull down the running config okay, but after clicking save I got the same error again.  And now it's been removed and re-added, if I click away and back to the tab, I get the exception error and then no devices anymore.


There are no errors on the dashboard apart from one about php reconnecting to mariadb if lost and one about machine learning (which I dont plan on using), and nothing I can see in the audit logs. Any help appreciated..

Edit: I loaded a fresh image of expedition, updated it to 1.0.101 and am using that to authenticate just fine so must have been a bug.  PS - Can somebody please add the upgrade instructions to the Admin or user guides to make it easier to find? Thanks :)

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