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IP to Username mapping problem

L2 Linker

Hi guys,

We are currently having a problem in one of our offices where random users IP to username mappings are intermittently showing as unknown on the PAN AD User ID Agent. It's not happening for everyone and the agents connectivity is ok with no errors.

We have a separate agent installed on separate dedicated domain servers (VM's) for each domain. The servers are all running on one domain but each agent has a service account for the relevant domain it services.

We have tried the following:

restarting the agents

restarting the servers

re-setting the connection from the PA device to the agents

double checked that all the DC's in the domain are listed within the agents

downgraded the PAN agent to 3.1.1 from 3.1.2 (problem still exists)

finally upgraded the PANOS to include a hotfix that apparently fixes the issue (problem still exists)

Does anyone have any other ideas?


Who Me Too'd this topic