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Expedition 2.0 Beta: broken?

L2 Linker

I've installed the Expedition 2.0 beta in a VMware Ubuntu 18.04.5 instance. I understand that this is a beta version, but it seems blatantly broken. 


The first issue that I'm having is that my Expedition instance is failing the health check, and the remediation step is not helping. 


  • The following variables for Expedition are missing: Spark.RAM,NumCPUs,TotalCPUs 


The remediation is: 


  • Delete the /home/userSpace/environmentParameters.php to get it regenerated


I've performed the remediation step and the health check has not changed (even after a reboot).  My VM has 2 virtual CPUs (1 socket, 2 cores). 



The other item has to do with adding a device. I cannot add the device via GUI, When I try via GUI, I receive the error, "Something went wrong, please try again". This is consistent regardless of what device I try to add (Panorama or NGFW, physical or virtual). 


Oddly enough, I can add the same devices via API. 


I've added my Panorama instance, and I've retrieved the contents (i.e.: licenses, etc). Where it gets wonky is when I try to get the "Panorama Devices" (i.e.: get all the FWs managed by the Panorama instance). This works fine in Expedition 1.0. In the beta edition of 2.0, it just hangs indefinitely when I try to download the running config. 



Does anybody have any suggestions? I have a large upcoming project and I'd like to play around with rule analysis, specifically RE and ML. I don't want to use Expedition 1.0 as the OS (Ubu 16.04.7) is just about deprecated and sec compliance is a big deal in my org (and rightfully so - I wouldn't be here otherwise). 



Is anybody successfully using Expedition 2.0 beta yet? Any insight is appreciated. Ty. 

Who Me Too'd this topic