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Have you always wanted to know more about how LIVEcommunity works, chat with community team members, or ask a non-technical question about LIVE? Now’s your chance! 


The LIVEcommunity team is excited to invite you to participate in our Ask Me Anything Community Roundtable discussion (happening now!). There is no set topic; instead, it’s an open stage for LIVEcommunity members, customers, and even Palo Alto Networks employees to learn more about how LIVEcommunity functions and the team members who make it possible. 


The team will answer questions Wednesday, June 23 and Thursday, June 24; please bookmark the discussion page so you can return to connect with the LIVEcommunity team in real time! We appreciate all of our LIVEcommunity members and are excited to have the opportunity to connect with you. 


Event Details:

The discussion is open now and will close on Thursday, June 24. (CLOSED)


Meet the LIVEcommunity Team Members

Veronica Jowers

Manager of Community


Alejandra Galindo

Programs and Social Media Specialist


Jenna Qualls

Content Management Specialist


Cheryl Rasmussen

Engagement Program Manager


Jerilyn Forsythe

Senior Digital Editor


Iryna Charkashyna 

Manager, Front End Development


Kim Wens

Senior Solutions Engineer


Joe Delio

Senior Solutions Engineer


Vanitha Cotton

Community Platform Manager


See you there!

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