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This issue prevented me from upgrading our expedition beyond version 1.1.83 as it broke the RADIUS authentication.

I recently rebuilt my expedition server on ubuntu 20.04 and used the latest expedition (1.2.1)  and RADIUS authentication still wasn't working.


I've been able to troubleshoot the issue and it comes down to tho the wrong php-radius version being installed.

The version that gets installed is php7.4-radius but expedition uses php7.0 so when it tries to use the php-radius module it can't find it.


To fix it you need to install the correct package version by:

1. login to expedition server CLI as expedition user.

2. Update package indexes with the command: sudo apt update

3. Install the correct php-radius version: sudo apt install php7.0-radius

4. Restart expedition web server: sudo apache2ctl restart


Palo need to fix the expedtion-beta package depends to specify the exact version of php-radius.






Who rated this post