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Cyber Elite
Cyber Elite

Hello @MDroyKT


thanks for the post!


The scenario you described is possible. Below are 2 KB articles that include information to import configuration and then push it back to the Firewall as Panorama managed configuration. Both KBs are a bit dated, however the concept remains the same.


Regarding pushing Device Group objects from imported configuration, I would advised to perform following steps.


1.) During import of configuration into Panorama, create a Device Group that is position in the Device Group hierarchy that is not device specific, but is logically position to be meant as shared for multiple Firewalls for example based on function of Firewalls or location.

2.) After you complete the import and push the configuration back in step no.1, you can add 2 remaining Firewalls to the same Device Group. If you manage to add them to the same Device Group, the configuration can be shared to them by pushing configuration from Panorama.


Kind Regards


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