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NTP Server Address



NTP server when configured maintains the firewall's clock in synchronous to the NTP server. If all the firewalls and Panorama in the network are configured with NTP then we will have uniform clock across all devices that helps in functioning the devices in sync and have its scheduled jobs run as expected and help in identifying the root cause of any issues based on synchronous timestamps. Make sure if Primary NTP server is not reachable it has to reach out to second NTP server to fetch the update.


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L1 Bithead

What is the best practice for Azure VMs? Microsoft doesn't recommend using NTP, but rather having the OS sync with the host infrastructure directly. Is this supported by Palo Alto VM series?

Some Azure Marketplace images with Linux are being changed to use chronyd as the time sync service, and chronyd is configured to synchronize against the Azure host rather than an external NTP time source. The Azure host time is usually the best time source to synchronize against, as it is maintained accurately and reliably, and is accessible without the variable network delays inherent in accessing an external NTP time source over the public internet.

Time sync for Linux VMs in Azure - Azure Virtual Machines | Microsoft Learn

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